KICKSTART is an optional 3-hour course with 4 Exercises

We recommend Kickstart for people with no experience or are unsure if riding a motorcycle is really for them. It is on some Wednesdays and Thursday evenings beginning the end of April. We provide lightweight and easy to maneuver motorcycles for you to use during the course. Kickstart consists of 3 hours of basic “on bike” riding instruction. No tests, no pressure, no worries. Student to instructor ratio is very low. It will give you valuable clutch and throttle practice to help you keep up with the fast pace of the basic rider course.

  • This Course is for:
    • Anyone who has never ridden a motorcycle.
    • Anyone who wants to see if learning to ride is right for them.
    • Anyone who wants a taste of motorcycling in a low-risk environment.
    • Anyone who wants extra time to prepare for the Basic Rider Course.
  • Participant Requirements

    As a minimum, each student must be able to ride and balance a bicycle. Each student MUST provide and wear the following required safety gear during the experience:

    • D.O.T. approved helmet (loaners available)
    • Eye protection (glasses or face shield)
    • Full-fingered gloves
    • Long-sleeve shirt or jacket
    • Over-the-ankle footwear. Leather is preferred over cloth
    • Long pants (jeans with no holes or tears, sturdy material recommended)
  • Other Recommendations:
    • Raingear, just in case. We call it rain insurance.
    • Water, snacks, you need fuel just as much as your motorcycle. There are portable toilets but no other facilities.